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Malcy is currently available for  Commission requests.

Commissions, Cartoons, illustrations, Caricatures, TShirts and so much more on a variety of media, if you have a wish just contact me!!

So, how did all this begin?




From a very young age I have always loved to draw. I have never had any formal art education other than the usual graph paper, wine bottles and fruit type mullarkey one receives at school. Sadly, not for me I have to say, I enjoy drawing more interesting subjects so, I went and learned German instead.

Royal Tank Regiment, Falcon Squadron, challenger 2, CBRN, Fuchs, Panther

School dispensed with, I joined the Army at 16 and that was that for the next 15 years as I bimbled around the globe as  a member of the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment becoming a Chieftain Tank Commander and Signals Instructor prior to leaving the Army in 1990. Prior to leaving, I rediscovered my love of drawing having completed the ink and watercolour piece pictured above. This piece now hangs in an old comrades living room.

So, then I kept drawing off and on, among other projects illustrating historical articles in the 'Sealed Knot' English Civil War Society magazine 'Orders of the Daye'.

Then, in 2007 I created an A1 sized print from what simply started as a 'doodle'. It depicts some tank crewmen on the eve of the battle of Cambrai in 1917, the first ever really successful tank action, with their tank in the background.


I posted an image on the internet and was approached by various people for a copy of the picture which forced me to create a print titled 'Lull before the storm'. The original of this piece now hangs in Regimental Headquarters, The Royal Tank Regiment at Bovington in Dorset. From that point on, my work has become more popular with my work hanging on walls as far afield as Bangkok, New Zealand, all mainland Europe (except France for some strange reason) and both Canada and the United States. Here are a few more examples of my work some specially commissioned and others as more general works



Calais, 1st Royal Tank Regiment, 1RTR, D Day, Normandy


QRL, Queens Royal Lancers, 17/21L, 16/5th Lancers, Warthog, CVR(T), Challenger Tank, bovington Tank Museum.



WW1, Keep the home fires burning, Mk IV Female tank, trench warfare, Tank Corps, Heavy Branch Machine Gun Corps, Somme, Verdun, Flanders, Royal British Legion


Challenger 2 tank, Gulf War, Op Herrick, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, Caliban, Iraq, Saddam Hussein

Victoria Cross, Tank Corps, WW1, Lt Sewell, Caesar II, Whippet tank, medium A tank,


Tog 2 experimental Tank, Bovington Tank museum



Gulf War, USMC, US Marines, Hummer, Grunt, Iraq,


Please accept my apologies for some of the images, the reproduction is poor as my scanner is too small for some images and as for my photography? Well, that's why I prefer to draw!! I am available for commissions whether they be military or otherwise, please ask for a quote, you'll be surprised at how reasonable my prices are. However, a word of warning, I do have a full time job so, at times, there are small queues for my work therefore if you're looking for a very special gift for someone, allow plenty of time for the piece to be completed. When you commission me, I will follow these simple steps:

1. I get a feel for the clients wishes and create the rough draft to include any personal details or photographs which require inclusion. I email an image along with a price for the finished work. The client now agrees the price and any content or changes required.

2. Once agreed, I go ahead and finish the piece then email an image of the completed work to the client for their approval.

3. When happy the client now pays for the piece and I ship it first class to their chosen address. I do not charge anything until the client is happy so, there is no risk financially, to date, I only have satisfied clients.

4. Please note, I am happy to provide a framing service using a framer whom I trust. However, on such occasions, I only charge the framing costs charged to me and, am unable to ship due to the glass breakage risk. I do travel around the country and, over the next 12 months expect to do more travelling so, it will be possible by prior arrangement, to purchase the piece and collect from me at a number of locations nationally and in europe.

Apart from bespoke commissions I also do illustration work for publishing houses and private authors. I love portrait work so, whatever your desire, people, Military vehicles or even pets, just ask and I'll do my very best to fulfill your wish. Here is a portrait of my young son Dominic.

My son Dominic a child portrait

I hope this has given you an insight to my work and look forward to taking on your request in the not too distant future. In the meantime, if you can't wait, I have work for sale in my 'Shop' just follow the tab at the top of this page and choose a category to have a look at what is there and hopefully buy something.

Thanks again for stepping in for a look.

Kindest regards


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